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A Guide To Start Investing For Millennials

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Being a millennial during the age of financial crisis might not make you want to invest. Investing often scares and confuses millennials so much that they tend to step away from the idea of having sock money. However, investing your money will give you just as much if not more benefits in the future than saving your money.

Save early

Saving early is a crucial first step. Without savings, you will not likely be able to invest at all. It’s about time to throw out the piggy bank and start saving in a real bank. Look for banks that offer you the best interest for savings. You don’t have to save a lot of money right away. About 20% of your salary per month should amount to a lot by the end of the year.

Look for impact investing

As millennials, you are the very definition of the next generation. Anything you do will have a ripple effect on your future children and grandchildren, including where you invest. If you want to contribute to creating the best living environment for the future generation, then you should invest your money where it will make an impact on lives on earth.

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Take a risk on index funds

A good way to allocate your savings is by buying stocks. One of the best ways is to spend your money is to buy Apple stocks. We recommend millennials to buy funds that hold the stock of U.S. companies, specifically those that hold international companies and emerging-markets companies. This step will help you to diversify your money.

Limit your fees

Ups and downs in the stock market are inevitable, but you can still control your investing costs which are fees charged by your index funds, administrative fees and transaction fees for when you buy and sell investments. These costs are a waste of your money because you won’t end up with many returns. Simple ways to maintain transaction costs is by limiting unnecessary trading. You can also use commission-free funds.


It is indeed an intimidating thing to start investing, because a wrong investment can cost you more than you know. Make sure you do your research on how to invest, learn from experienced investors and even get professional financial advice if you have to.…